What kind of milk can take the kids for breakfast or a snack?

Dairy products are the food group consisting of milk and its derivatives. Yogurt, custard, shakes, cheese … are some foods that can take the kids for breakfast or snack, for example. Dairy products are a source of protein, minerals (calcium and phosphorus) and vitamins (A, D, B and B12), so they are very beneficial for health and nutrition of children.


The custard and flan

Dairy desserts

The shakes

Fresh cheese

Other cheeses

The yogurt

It is milk fermented by a bacteria, so that some of its components change and are more digestible. For example, lactose is converted into lactic acid.

The commercial yogurt often have powdered milk added, so that nutrients are more concentrated than liquid milk.

There are countless varieties of yogurt :


Natural sugar (sugar is added).

Rich (you add cream or milk fat).

Flavors (sugar is added, a dye and flavoring).

With pieces of fruit (you Pieces of fresh fruit and sugar).

Creamed (made with skim milk).

There are also variations according to type of bacteria that have carried out the fermentation.

Custard and flan

According to the traditional recipe, made ​​with milk, eggs, sugar and flour . Industrial preparations often have no other egg and bring more of thickeners such as gelatin, sugars and dyes.

Dairy desserts

Include a broad group of products that are made ​​from milk fermented but then pasteurized, which destroys the bacteria (in yogurt are alive). They have the advantage that they are preserved longer and does not need a fridge.

The shakes

Are made ​​by mixing milk with different substances : cacao, fruit, vanilla … Most commercial smoothies have excess sugars and dyes.

Fresh cheese

It is fermented milk. A healthy food, but milk should be sterilized to prevent transmission of diseases such as Brucellosis, also called “Malta fever”.

Other cheeses

There are plenty. Each country and each region has its own, more or less cured, made ​​with different methods … The baby may try them if they are part of your family’s diet.

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