The Anti-aging Qualities of Resveratrol in Red Grapes

Since the ancient times, red wine from red grapes has been known to provide several health benefits. Aside from preventing cardiovascular disorders and different types of cancer, red wine has also been recognized as a potential anti aging product. It has always been a wonder how red wine can effectively slow down the aging process. With the advancement of technology, scientists of the modern times have discovered a compound in red wine which made it possible for the drink to provide a lot of health benefits. This substance is known as Resveratrol. So, how does Resveratrol in red wine and red grapes help decelerate the process of aging?

Resveratrol and Its Anti aging Effects

In order to delay the aging process, proper cell regeneration must take place. However, due to several factors, cell regeneration can slow down. Resveratrol works in delaying the aging process by promoting cell regeneration through the following ways:

1. Helps in the elimination of toxins:

Resveratrol is a type of antioxidant. Antioxidants are well known in preventing the onset and occurrences of cancer. It helps prevent cancer by eliminating toxins which may cause cell mutations and changes with their function. In the same way, antioxidants slow down aging by eliminating toxins which may hinder the process of cell regeneration. Toxins cause several and varying destructions to the human body. They affect every single process including new skin cell resurfacing. If your body is full of toxins from the food you eat and the environment you are exposed to, the process of aging can be accelerated, leading to the development of the early signs of aging. With Resveratrol, these toxins can be eliminated for a healthier, younger-looking you.

2. Regulates Testosterone levels:

One of the primary causes of aging among male individuals is the decrease in their testosterone levels. When testosterone decreases in males, they become less active in many activities which can later affect their physical appearance. Due to the changes they experience, males become stressed, leading to accelerated cell damages and pre-mature aging. Studies have also shown that Resveratrol in red wine prevents acceleration of the aging process by regulating the testosterone levels. If testosterone is regulated normally, physical changes and the onset of the early signs of aging in males can be prevented.

3. Strengthens and Protects the Immune system:

The immune system is primarily responsible on defending the body from the invasion of harmful microorganisms and foreign bodies. If the immune system is weak, the body will not be able to resist microorganisms from destroying body cells. Microbial invasion may accelerate the aging process by damaging cells and affecting their function. By strengthening the immune system, Resveratrol can also aid in preventing the acceleration of the aging process. Resveratrol has been discovered by scientists to be an effective compound which enhances the immune system function.

There are many other reasons which help explain how Resveratrol slows down the process of aging. Up to this moment, studies regarding Resveratrol are still being conducted to know more about its health benefits.

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